Our heritage fleet includes rolling stock, pulled by our steam locomotive 2141, and static displays in our Backshop.

Rolling stock can be fully experienced through our many on-board rail tours.

Both our rolling stock and our static displays can be experienced through our Backshop tour.





Our beloved steam locomotive 2141 “Spirit of Kamloops” has an ongoing history in Kamloops. The 2141 steam locomotive was built over 100 years ago 1912 in Kingston Ontario. She worked hard for the CNR on the Canadian prairies and on Vancouver Island for many years before she was retired in 1958. 

In 1961, Mayor of Kamloops, Mr. Fitzwater, purchased the 2141 from the CNR for $2000.00 and put her on display in Riverside Park from 1961 until 1994, where many generations climbed atop.

In October of 1994, the 2141 was lifted out of the park and trucked to a nearby barn for nearly a decade of restoration work to begin. For eight years men and women of all aged toiled away hoping one day to see steam. 

In 2002 they finally did, the barn doors swung open and the 2141 chugged out under her own steam for the first time since 1958. Two open-air cars were built, three coaches, a cafe lounge and a caboose followed suit not long after. 

The Kamloops Heritage Railway was open for business!  

In the summer of 2002 the 2141 carried her first load of passengers… on a sold out train!

2141 now spends her second chance at life leisurely transporting passengers back in time, all the while providing guests a chance to see and hear the sound of the only steam locomotive left like it in the world!

Peter BrosterCC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons




Café Lounge cars were attached to trains to offer a light meal and refreshment service. Unlike a Dining car the Café lounge catered to smaller portions and a larger variety of drinks. People came here to interact with one another.

This car was built in 1954, the “Monte Lake” (402) Café Lounge (ex-CN/VIA 5592/755), as a part of CNR’s expansion to include 359 new “streamlined” passenger rail cars. Aside from a few minor modifications, this Café Lounge sports much of the original CN/VIA interior.




Similarly to the 402, the “Riverside Park” (403) passenger coach (ex-CN/VIA 5590) was part of the modernization process undertaken by the CNR to upgrade their fleet of passenger equipment. They added 359 streamlined passenger rail cars to their fleet in 1954.

The passenger coach was attached to all passenger trains for general use; all guests were assigned a seat for day use and could book a sleeping car arrangement for overnight. Overhead was a large area for carry on luggage and the cars came equipped with two washrooms. 

The Kamloops Heritage Railway acquired the 403 passenger coach in 2004 along with its sisters the 404 & 405. KHRS is proud to say that this passenger coach sports much of the original CN/VIA 1970’s  interior. 

Imagine experiencing the massive expanse of the prairies and the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains from your comfortable first class seat in this very passenger coach. ALL ABOARD!


"404 & 405" 

These passenger cars were both built in the 1950’s, during the height of passenger rail service. We bought them from Rocky Mountaineer in 2004 for just $2 each! These passenger cars seat 74 with rotating seats. 



"301 & 302"

Open air car 301 was built in 2002 and was one of the first pieces of equipment that 2141 hauled when she was restored. Open air 301 was designed and built by volunteers of the Kamloops Heritage Railway and was completed in time for the KHR’s inaugural excursion within the city. Today the society has grown and our fleet now includes 3 coaches, 2 baggage cars, a café lounge, a parlour car, 2 cabooses, a snowplough and of course 2 open air cars! 


Open air car 302 has a very similar history to her sister car 301 with only a few exceptions. 302 was completed in 2003 and very closely resemble 301. The car was also fitted with a roof in 2004 and was altered slightly to accommodate passengers traveling in a wheel chair.


It is interesting to note that both open air cars at one point were flat cars which hauled logs and other goods on Vancouver Island, where our beloved steam locomotive 2141 was very well known for hauling goods! Although there is no evidence, we at KHR believe that at one point 2141 would have hauled these two cars on the island from 1948 to 1958.




Built in 1975, the “Westwold” caboose (ex -BC Rail 1882) was acquired by the Kamloops Heritage Railway in 2003 from BC Rail. The caboose had been badly damaged in a fire and was completely restored inside and out by volunteers of the Kamloops Heritage Railway Society. Welcome aboard one of the few operating Canadian Cabooses left in our country!

The Kamloops Heritage Railway 501 caboose came into regular service in 2005. The caboose has been modified both inside and out to enhance guest experience. It has been redesigned to hold passengers, rather than just a conductor and brakeman. The Cupola (area above and accessible by ladder) is a popular spot for passengers because of its unique view.




The cattle car (ex CN No. 800042) is one of our rarest cars, as they were not built to last a long time. This car was built in 1911, making it over 100 years old! These railcars carried cattle to the stockyards on Lorne Street. At one point there were over 30,000 of these cars in use, but this is the last known model in BC. This car, along with the caboose, were once the Visitor Centre in Kamloops, located on the Yellowhead Hwy. It then sat in Pioneer Park for a number of years before becoming a static display in our backstop.



Built in 1911, this caboose also over 100 years old! It was originally CN No. 76058 and it one of 50 left in Canada. Only 18 of these are in active service. This car, along with the Cattle Car, were once the Visitor Centre in Kamloops along the Yellowhead Hwy. It then sat in Pioneer Park for a number of years on display. We have since converted it back to look like to look more like an authentic conductor's caboose and it is a static display in our Backshop



This is our wedge snowplow built 1954. It is CN55457. Snowplows were some of the least used cars, but most important in the winter! They barrelled down the tracks, heading a locomotive to remove snow. This one has been decommissioned, but some wedge plows are still used today. Other methods of snow removal are more common, such as rotary plows and snow blower.




Decommissioned passenger car being turned into a static display! It will be used as apart of our developing education program and we are converting the back half into a historic ‘Schoolroom Car’. The front half is being turned into a model train display depicting the Kamloops area from the 1900-1960’s.

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