Covid 19-Response and Guidelines

Upon learning of Covid 19, the Kamloops Heritage Railway Society Board of Directors voted to postpone all rail and Backshop experiences. They also voted to impose a work from home order for all paid employees and closed all KHR locations to all volunteers and staff. This was done to ensure the health and safety of Volunteers, staff, partners and visitors to KHR. 

For months we stayed away because it was the right thing to do for the health of the community as a whole. Collectively, and under the guidance of Dr. Henry and her incredible team, we successfully flattened the curve enough to prompt the Board of Directors to approve limited access to staff and volunteers to work out of the Backshop. 

This section identifies the policies and procedures KHR has developed to limit exposure and try to keep volunteers and staff as safe as we can.

Attached is a copy of the KHR Backshop Restart Plan.